Mill Street
Rock Face

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Mill Street
Rock Face


Project title: Mill Street Roman Quarry – Rock Face
Client(s): Cheshire West, QWEST
Cost: £150,000
Time frame: 4-6 months
Scope: Health and Safety Risk Assessment, Feasibility Design, Project Management


Pearsons received an emergency call to undertake reports on a dangerous rockfall close to a residential area on Mill Street. The sandstone rockface is part of the old roman quarries around Chester and required immediate attention to secure the health and safety of nearby residents. We surveyed the rock face, bringing in a geotechnical and safety rope access team of specialists to assess the area. We established that the sandstone rockface, to certain areas, was only covered by a thin layer of soil and required remedial action.


Pearsons successfully designed a scheme to remove loose topsoil, vegetation and other crumbling rock areas. Additionally, Pearsons developed and planned the implementation of a specialist netting to maintain the integrity of the rock face. The topographical survey scanned the rockface and ground for measurements and calculated how many nails to drill into the rockface to attach the netting. This ensured that this project was completed with high-quality, essential precision. The Mill Street residents were assured they were protected from any risk from the crumbling rock face.