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Knowsley Metropolitan
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Project title: Public sector decarbonisation
Client(s): Knowsley Council
Cost: Grant applications for £4.2 million PSDS scheme
Time frame: 1 year
Scope: Decarbonisation Planning, Feasibility, Grant Applications, M&E design


Pearsons won a tender with Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council to provide feasibility studies for Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS), including Salix reports, grant applications, and risk assessments across a number of sites. They also requested a decarbonisation plan for the local authority. They wanted to focus on their most significant energy-using buildings to have a positive impact on the area and local authority by lowering carbon emissions. Therefore, we had to assess how each individual feasibility study fits with their decarbonisation plan for the whole authority. The feasibility elements needed a level of design beyond normal feasibility stage to cover technical details therefore increasing the likelihood of government grant acceptance.


Pearsons surveyed the whole borough, identified any risks of introducing decarbonisation technology, and investigated what capacity it could be implemented. From this, we curated a bespoke list of decarbonisation options, such as air-source heat pumps, LED lighting, solar PV, wind farms, battery power storage, electric vehicle charging points, and more. We estimated the carbon savings these options could deliver so they could look to implement them across the authority. Our successful surveying produced a roadmap for Knowsley Council to apply for more grants to create a sustainable future.